Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Buy Your E-cigarette Online

Buying in online has became a part of our lives, it's easy and convenient. Some people still worries that they might give their credit card information to the wrong person. Online shopping is definitely here to stay and online security continues to advance.  Just follow these easy steps on how to buy your e-cigarette without any hassle and have a secure experience.

1. If you're a starter I'd like first to welcome and congratulate you, you're finally switching to e-cigarette. The first thing you want to do is to research first and watch or read some reviews about e-cigarette. Look for the right e-cigarette that will match your smoking style. If your a beginner the recommended product for you is a starter kit, it only range about $30 - $100 depending on the brand. A Starter kit contains all the things you'll be needing when you start vaping. You can also use a coupon code to get a discount from their product. Each coupon code offers different promos to get the best deal from store.

2. Look for a company that has a good reputation. A company that respects you and that will give you a good quality service. It's better if the online store has a 24 hour customer chat service so you can easily contact them in case you encounter any problem when purchasing a product for them.

3. Find out about the billing, guarantees and delivery before you buy. 

Things that you should look for before buying:
packaging cost, delivery cost, how you can return the product if it doesn't work, who will bear the cost of returning the package,  product warranty and package shipping.

4. Check out their vapes for sale. Some stores offer great deals like free shipping, free grinders or even gift cards.

4. Transfer funds on secure website only. Some sites are scam so make sure to check the site carefully. Be careful when entering your credit card details. An incorrect details can cause many difficulties. Always review the information before submitting.

5. Record your purchase details. This will serve as your receipt. Some site sends a receipt through your e-mail so make sure to keep those.

6. Wait for your package, depends on the shipping date. When you received your package you can now start using your e-cigarette and enjoy. Celebrate yourself because you have finally quitted smoking and you have joined the light side of smoking which is e-cigarette.

How Smoking Affects Your Body and How E-cigarette Can Change It

Smoking traditional cigarette can affect every system in our body. From your bones to cardiovascular system to your respiratory system. Each system are damaged every time you are smoking tobacco. Did you know that a traditional cigarette contains 4,400 chemicals and 400 toxics. According to a lady vaper blog - stellarcat here is how smoking affect your body. 

How traditional cigarette affects our body?

Bones - base on study they have discovered a link between smoking tobacco and decrease bone density or osteoporosis. Smoking increase the factors of loss in bone density specially for women. Also smoking lowers the level of estrogen for women which may lead to a early onset menopause.

Heart and Blood vessels - Tobacco smoking is also capable of doing a lot of damage to your heart function and blood cells. It may lead to a serious health problems like atherosclerosis, aneurysms, cardio vascular disease and also stroke. The heart and the blood vessels of second hand smoke can be harmed as well. As you inhale the smoke, the cells in line of your body reacts to the chemical.

Lungs and Breathing - The common part of the body that are damage is your lungs. Every smokers damage their breathing and scars their lungs. Smoking normal cigarette can cause different health problems including Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis.

Cancer risk - Everyone knows that smoking normal cigarette can cause cancer. Especially lung cancer and skin cancer. Because of normal cigarette containing 4,400 chemicals and toxic. In fact smoking normal cigarette is the number 1 factor of causing lung cancer.

These are already enough reasons to quit smoking and join the light side which is e-cigarette. Base on study e-cigarette are confirmed that they are much safer than normal cigarette. E-cigarette creates vapor from a heated e-liquid which are inhaled by the user. They are much safer than burned tobacco. So what are you waiting for, grab all the discount coupons and purchase your first starter kit from a trusted e-cigarette merchant like Mig Cigs. To get you started here's a mig cigs 20% off coupon code you can use when you purchase from them! Enjoy!

How Normal Cigarette Affects Your House Pet

Smoking normal cigarette can lead serious health problem to your pets just like with people, including allergies and respiratory. Your pet dogs can suffer allergic dermatitis. Dogs are prone to nasal and lung cancers and cats are prone to lymphoma.

Cats are prone to third hand smoke, the smell and chemicals can cling to their fur, cats are known groomers they lick their self to stay clean.

Birds can also affect while you are smoking tobacco. If birds are expose to smoking tobacco it could cause them a lung cancer. It can also affect their eyes, skin, heart and problem with fertility.

Nicotine to your pets

Regardless whether you are using normal cigarette or e-cigarette always make sure your e-cigarette are out of reach of your pets or children. Always make sure to store your e-cigarette and liquid somewhere safe away from your pets.

A pet owner that switches to e-cigarette does not have to worry about allergic reactions to their pet or even second hand smoke. E-cigarette are much safer than normal cigarette. That's why you can use them inside the house or any public places that has sign "No smoking" because it's smokeless cigarette. It only produce vapor which is harmless for the user, people around them and for their furry pets. So if you really love your pet switch now and you can use this v2 cigs 20% off coupon code, this will give you huge discounts when you purchase products from one of the leading vaping store V2 Cigs.

Extend your E cigarette Battery Life

Everyone knows that as you use your e-cigarette, the battery and atomizer will drain out. You can tell if your battery is beginning to drain out when it won’t charge or if it starts to go dead faster than it used to. While the battery is getting low, the amount of vapor you can produce decrease. So here are ways on how to extend your battery life. This will save you a lot of money.

Here are some tips to extend your battery life:

1. Use your battery regularly. The more the battery are utilized, the easier their power flow through the battery cells.

2. Always place your battery on safe place. Do not place your battery on a hot place or somewhere that can be directed to the sunlight. Also make sure to keep it away from the reach of your children or pets.

3. Replace your e-cigarette battery before it's drained. Do not wait until the batter wears out. This will cause the battery life span to reduce.

4. Make sure to keep your battery 100% charged. Do not store it on a 50% life, it will cause your battery to drain faster.

5. Remove cartomizer from battery when not in use. Even the e-cigarette are not in use, if the catomizer is still connected to the battery it will still drain a little amount of the battery life.

6. Never charge your e-cigarette battery unattended. This will prevent over charging. If you are not there to unplug it after it's fully charged it could lead to overheating and will cause your battery to fail.

Always to remember to follow these steps to have a longer life span for your battery so you can enjoy your vaping longer.